5th Annual + 10,000 Homeless + Community + CHOCbite + August 2017

Thank you for visiting the SWEET day LA site. I am embarrassed to admit that I used to think that homeless people were dirty, mentally ill, and alcoholics to be avoided at all costs. Then, on Christmas Day 2012, I went to a shelter in Los Angeles and realized how utterly wrong I was. The shelter residents were kind, loving, sweet, and clean too! They were so touched that we cared about them.

My mission is to connect us (the non-homeless) with them (the homeless) by gifting them with a sweet treat to let them know that we care.

You can view pictures, videos, and sponsor information from our first four Sweet Day events below. Enjoy!

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Adeline Arjad Cook describing (emotionally) at breakfast why she created SWEET day LA with a team of volunteers.

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At our fourth annual SWEET day LA on July 2, 2016, we had 10 total volunteers!
We served homeless people from 20 years old to 65 years old.

At our third annual SWEET day LA on August 29, 2015, we had 19 total volunteers!
We served homeless people from 36 years old to 62 years old.

At our second annual SWEET day LA on June 14, 2014, we had 36 total volunteers!
We served homeless people from 3 years old to 74 years old.

There were 38 total volunteers for the first annual SWEET day LA on May 4, 2013.
Some that handed out treats but we also had donors, chocolate makers, and wrappers too!

There were homeless people from 2 years old to over 80 years old.
The little boy in the photo below was so generous as he wanted to share his CHOCbite with us!

We are grateful to the Union Rescue Mission and Midnight Mission for allowing us to serve some sweetness.

The design, IT, and technical parts were also done by generous and sweet people. Thank you all!

Adeline Arjad, Chief Chocolate Lover
adeline [at] CHOCbite.com

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Eric Butow, Website Designer
ceo [at] butow.net

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Butow Communications Group

Zuba Academy

Fourth Annual Sweet Day LA 2016 Sponsors

BLISS by Adeline
Butow Communications Group
Other Contributors

Diana De Cardenas

Mahin Arjad

Lisa Zuba

David Honor

Mona Shaikh

Mona America

Nancy Closson

Lauren Polinsky

Manish Punjabi

Suzanna McGee

Terry Paine

Lisa Judge

Henry Arjad

Janice Bittker

Jean Marc Trinon

Kim Tanzer

Erika Lyremark

Sam Cohen

Doug Hall

Clarice Williams

Michelle Dean

Cindy Austin

American Logistics Cold Storage


Butow Communications Group

Beverly Hills Chocolate Company

BLISS by Adeline

Other Contributors:

Laura Arjad

Eric Butow

Sergio Diaz

Lynn Cain

Jean-Marc Trinon

Keiko Lennon

Yuriko Knoblich

The 28 Day CHOCBite Experience

I Hate My Doubles Partner!!


Second Annual Sweet Day LA 2014 Sponsors

Butow Communications Group

Beverly Hills Chocolate Company

CPT Group


First Annual Sweet Day LA 2013 Sponsors

Albert Uster Imports

American Logistics International

ArayaClean San Fernando Valley

Bantai Civet Coffee

Beverly Hills Chocolate Company

Charles Company

CPT Group

Daily Whip

Jeff Salzenstein's Total Tennis Training

Keith Schulberg CPA


Ocean Vista Insurance Services

Orbit Films

Recruiting for Good

Adrienne Kessler Rodeo Royalty


TimAc Solutions

Total Transportation Concept

Transformational Retreat

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa